Forwarder operators CUP 2019

What: Forwarder Operators Cup 2019;
Where: in the territory under the management of SIA “Rīgas meži”, in a recently developed clearing in Ikšķile region, in the vicinity of Selēki lake (coordinates 56.886510, 24.452046);
When: June 5, 2019 from 9:00;
Organizer: SIA Haitek Latvia in cooperation with SIA “Rīgas meži” and Ogre Technical School;
Competition leader / commentator: Paul Timrot (television and radio personality, creator and leader of the program “Zebra”, “Speed ​​Tribe”, etc., leader of cars, motorcycles and other events);
Competition equipment: Komatsu 875 and Komatsu 855 forwarders;

Aim of the event: to popularize the profession of logging equipment operator for potential new representatives of the industry, students of Latvian vocational education institutions. Also, to create an environment in which to integrate students and professionals in the forestry industry. To acquaint the representatives of the industry working in Latvia with the format of this competition and to prepare the possible representation of Latvia for international level competitions.

Competition format: The competition format is closer to the international competition of delivery tractor (forwarder) operators. Thus, we want to acquaint the representatives of the industry working in Latvia and the students of Latvian vocational education institutions with this discipline and prepare their possible participation at the international level, bearing the name of Latvia within the framework of this competition.

Registration of participants for the competition: Participants register for the competition in the previously announced registration form for participants on the Internet until 31.05.2019.

Course of the competition: Participants of the competition 5.06.2019. arrives at the competition venue until 8:59 and register. At 9:00 a meeting of participants chaired by the Chief Judge. At this meeting, the Chief Judge will introduce the rules and disciplines to the participants. Immediately after the participants' meeting, the first participants of the competition are given a start.

Starting order: The starting order of the competition participants for the qualifying races is chosen at random. The starting order of the competition participants will be available immediately after the end of registration of all participants or at 9:10, if all participants have not registered in time and one of the participants has not arrived.

The starting order for the semi-final races is determined by the chief judge.

Competition results and leading positions: All competitions of the participant go to the overall test and the results are formed by the individual performance of each driver. Each driver has only one race on each of the qualifying tracks. There are two qualifying tracks and each rider must complete one ride on each of the tracks. The result of the competition participants and their position among the competitors depends on the time the participant completes the distance. The sooner the discipline is completed, the higher the position the participant gains. The semi-final and final races take place dually - two participants perform parallel tasks on parallel tracks. There are two semi-final races. The winner of each semi-final is advanced to the final race. The winner of the final race is the winner of the competition.

Rewarding: the pedestal is traditional - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place;

Qualification (all participants start):

The field is divided into two parts, where one part of the field with tasks is more adapted to the care of the stock, in the other field the tasks are more adapted to the main felling. Each participant goes through all the tasks.

There is a different technique in each part of the field. One Komatsu 855, the other Komatsu 875. All participants will have the opportunity to discipline in each of the techniques.

Disciplines will take place temporarily. Penalty points are converted in addition to the total time of this participant's discipline. Semi-finalists are determined by the fastest (best) times in the discipline.

Semi-final (four smartest participants from the qualification start):

Identical discipline as in the final race (see “Final” description).

Final (only two owners of the best results of the day start, winners of semi-finals):

The competition takes place twice - two participants on parallel tracks perform tasks temporarily. Each rider has only one ride.

The tracks are prepared for the start of the participants and the participants are introduced to the rules at the competition meeting. Operators are in forwarders, equipment is ready for work (parking brakes removed, stairs raised, hydraulics ready for work). The forwarder must be in the bucket with the bucket closed. Operators with a special sound or light signal are started and time counting is started.

The first task is to load 6 pieces of timber (logs) from each side into the forwarder's cradle, taking them one by one (it is forbidden to take several at the same time). It is not specified from which side the task should start and it is not specified that it is mandatory to stack all the logs on the one hand first, it remains in the hands of the operator - the operator's special method!

The second task is to move forward along the felling area and pick up the logs placed on the sides as they go. Of course, one log at a time. There are 3 logs on each side, one on each side separately and 2 together.

The third task is to trap the logs in a "trap". There is an obstacle around the log, which can be broken if the log is damaged