Komatsu for LATVIA!


Centennial forestry equipment in Latvia - Komatsu!

This year, Latvia is celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence. In honor of this event, SIA Haitek Latvia in cooperation with Komatsu Forest AB has prepared a pleasant surprise for Latvia and forestry companies. All Komatsu forestry machines purchased this year are specially personalized. With a special design and set of accessories, the new Komatsu equipment this year will not only delight equipment owners and operators on a daily basis, but also decorate Latvia's forests.

In honor of the centenary of Latvia, SIA Haitek Latvia together with its customers will spend 2018 under the auspices of the city's symbol and jewelry - Lielvārde belt. The Komatsu logging equipment purchased this year has Lielvārde belt motifs on the hood, which symbolizes SIA Haitek Latvia's home town Lielvārde, the company's patriotism, stable and reliable international cooperation with the factory and Komatsu logging equipment itself.

Komatsu LATVIA forestry equipment - Power. Wisdom. Love.

Why Lielvārde belt? There are several logical reasons for this. The Lielvārde belt is one of the symbols of the city of Lielvārde, which is widely known and used throughout Latvia. However, no matter who can be proud of the Lielvārde belt, the big names are definitely. Also because Lielvārde belt is unique - it is characterized by a great variety of patterns, which is not repeated in any section of the belt (the belt is not characterized by rhythmic repetition of signs), so Lielvārde belt in a separate craft sector can be considered That's how Komatsu forestry equipment, each with its own character and unique, has so many options, and regardless of the choice of equipment, equipment owners receive the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology.

Red and white play a special role in the waist patterns. Red stands for human, human, life and the Earth, while white stands for spiritual power, divine and the universe. Komatsu is aimed at its users. Special attention is paid to ergonomics, operator health and comfort. Modern and efficient control system with EME or MINI control levers, clear and analytical operation of the equipment through the MaxiFleet system, spacious and comfortable cab with comfortable and ergonomic seats, Comfort Ride cab stabilization system that makes the ride enjoyable even in difficult felling areas, and much more for people focused amenities. In addition, it is no less important for Komatsu to think about the Earth and life. Ecology of powerful and reliable AGCO Power engines with low emissions, low soil pressure with amazing stability and maneuverability, fuel economy while maintaining excellent efficiency and productivity thanks to a powerful hydraulic system.

The patterns of Lielvārde belt signs hide the same features that Komatsu forestry equipment does not hide - strength, wisdom, love, productivity, protection, safety, productivity, etc.

Latvia's forests are already more beautiful.

At the beginning of this year, SIA Haitek Latvia has already delivered several personalized equipment units in honor of Latvia's centenary. They are currently an opportunity to meet in one of Latvia's forests. Such personalized equipment can also be seen on site at SIA Haitek Latvia dealership center or at one of the exhibitions. For example, on March 19 of this year, a personalized Komatsu 855 forwarder visited the Ogre Forest Technical School Entrepreneurs' Day event.

In July of this year, logging companies will have the opportunity not only to see, but also to try a personalized Komatsu 855 mid-range forwarder and an eight-wheel thinning expert Komatsu 901xc harvester in one of our demo tours in Latvian forests. More information about the presentations will follow and will be available on the website

To receive more information about the centennial logging equipment or to receive an offer of equipment, you can go to SIA Haitek Latvia dealership in Lielvārde, Laimdotas Street 25 or contact the equipment sales manager Agri Putniņš by writing an e-mail to or calling +37126131413.