New Global After Sales Manager


Since 24th of September, Komatsu Forest has a new Global After Sales Manager. Bernd Rauser has since the year 2000 been active as Managing Director of Komatsu Forest GmbH. Now new challenges are waiting, that he is eager to face.

Komatsu Forest is in a phase where the company invests in growing within the aftermarket offering. The aim is to continuously improve the business models, and to grow on existing and new markets. Bernd, with his experience and deep knowledge of the forest industry, is now leading this exciting process.

- I see it as a very exciting time to get into. Our aftermarket has tremendous potential to grow even more. As a company, we should be at the forefront of our offering, and there are smart technological solutions that we are currently working a lot with. We will continue to focus on that.

Furthermore, Bernd explains that a challenge as a Global After Sales Manager is the overall perspective. There are big differences between various markets and customer needs differ.

- There are many pieces that are connected to each other. It’s important that each piece fits in the other to get an excellent overall offer. Our offer ranges from a small spare part screw to training to smart connected machines. It is a huge spread.

Bernd has been working for Komatsu Forest for 18 years, but the forest has always been present for Bernd. His parents were forest owners and he grew up close by the Black Forest (forested mountain range in southwest Germany). And now he sees exciting times for the forest industry:

- The demand for wood and paper products is growing. From a sustainability perspective, it will be necessary to grow, and in even more places around the world. There are large forest markets where mechanization also becomes a natural part of the development.

Bernd is now stationed at the head office in Umeå, Sweden, and during the autumn his wife Beate will also move to Umeå.