Smart service kits for an easier working day


Every forest machine owner wants their working day to be as smooth and profitable as possible. That's why Komatsu Forest has developed several service kits that contain the most important parts you'll need for your forest machine.

When a small part is missing - a fuse, nipple or a steel plug – things can get both expensive and problematic. We have the solution to make your working day easier. Our ProSelect range includes several service kits which guarantee that you always have the right part on hand when you need it.

The service kits consist of assortment boxes in different sizes with content that we know you’ll need continuously as the machine produces. This way it becomes easy to make sure that the machine's necessities are always close at hand out in the forest, but also to keep all these small parts in order. 

The range includes the service kits: Nord-Lock, Fuse & Relay, CLS, Caps & Plugs and O-ring.

Komatsu Forest recommends always using ProSelect for a Komatsu machine. The content of these service kits is quality-assured and approved for use in our forest machines and systems. You can always feel safe with ProSelect – it makes the machine perform at its best and work the way it is intended.