Demo 2018



We present Latvia's centennial logging equipment!

At the end of September, SIA Haitek Latvia with the participation of foreign guests organized an ambitious presentation of the new Komatsu 901xc eight-wheel harvester with C124 working head, which took place in Lielvārde region in the territory of the Latvian State Forests (LVM). Both the Komatsu 901xc harvester and the Komatsu C124 harvester head were presented for the first time last year at the world's leading forestry trade fair "ElmiaWood" in Sweden. But already this year, these news, which are additionally personalized within the framework of the “Latvia 100” campaign, are also available to the Latvian market and are now actively working in Latvian forests.

The presentation tested the performance and productivity of the Komatsu 901xc universal harvester and Komatsu C124 harvester head in practice. The new Komatsu 901xc is a unique harvester with applicability in any area for both thinning and main felling. It is unobstructed in mountainous terrain as well as in low-bearing soil conditions. Eight wheels, combined with the well-tested Komatsu manipulator and cab layout concept, give the machine fantastic stability, excellent maneuverability and minimal ground pressure for convincing maneuverability. The powerful, high-power diesel engine at the same time meets strict environmental requirements and produces minimal emissions of environmentally harmful particles and nitrogen oxides. This machine is equipped with Komatsu Forest's unique three-pump hydraulic system 3PS, which provides a hydraulic operating system with high and low pressure simultaneously and in combination with a flow optimization system allows multiple manipulator and head functions to be used simultaneously, providing sufficient hydraulic flow, significantly reducing fuel consumption. Luxury in-cabin comfort, a comfortable and modern control system, fuel economy, high productivity, unrivaled stability and low ground pressure - these values ​​could be seen by everyone in the presentation.

Safety, quality, comfort, ease of use and ease of use - these are the values ​​that characterize all Komatsu forestry products. The Komatsu 901xc's large cab volume, good visibility, windscreen positioning and leveling function, which ensures that the cab is always kept horizontal, create an excellent environment for efficient operator work. A wide range of accessories is available, such as additional storage solutions, lighting and underfloor heating, as well as three different control lever systems, including EME, which further enhances the already comfortable operator conditions. A simple and proven control system with EME levers accompanied by a professional instructor allowed the presentation guests to make sure that even non-Komatsu experienced operators can easily adapt and understand Komatsu's benefits and operating principles.

The Komatsu C124 harvester head, which has gained great popularity in all world markets in a short time, demonstrated its unlimited possibilities and suitability for the specifics of Latvian forests by processing wood of various dimensions and species. Special mention should be made of the quality of the processing of bent trees, which was one of the trump cards of this head among the visitors of the presentation.

"The best technical solutions, which have been tested on Komatsu for years, are combined in one 901xc harvester and C124 harvester head!" Was one of the most important theses of customers.

One of the most important products of the presentation was the innovative Komatsu technical and production analysis and reporting system MaxiFleet, which allows you to follow the production process online on a computer, tablet or smartphone, remotely connect to the machine control system, plan logging processes, get various fuel consumption reports, operators' production efficiency in different operating modes, time distribution, assortment and individual trunk parameters, control the location of the machine with GPS coordinates and obtain many other comparative parameters. These are just some of the features offered by this modern platform. MaxiFleet is in Latvian and with even more opportunities to reduce administration costs and improve productivity. MaxiFleet not only helps business management to plan and analyze technical and operator activities, develop effective strategies and prevent unnecessary and unprofitable activities, but also to control their expenses and effective return on investment.

During the presentation, a small part of the Komatsu range and products offered was examined in order to have the opportunity to go into the specifics of specific products and services. SIA Haitek Latvia would like to thank all the guests of this event! In the near future, the company is planning new and interesting presentations for Komatsu forwarders to provide Latvian logging companies with the opportunity to develop and compete by applying the latest and most effective technological solutions.